You are capable of much more than you think.

You get a lot more than a tarot reading by working with me. My clients get affirmation that they’re on the right path or need to make a change. Their strengths are acknowledged, their soul-weakening patterns are recognized + healed. Their futures are laid out for them- so they can make changes NOW + happily anticipate being the strong, shining vessel that will take those opportunities and RUN!

I’m Svetlana Kurjaninow, professional tarot reader + insight coach, and I can help you understand + alchemize everything that’s holding you back.

I combine a lifelong love of the occult, over a decade of intuitive experience + compassion gained from years of being in service to others, to advise others about stepping into their brilliance.

Throw in some pretty powerful candle magick during dark times.

My clients report amazing results.

The spiritual entrepreneur with renewed confidence in what she offers, doing livestreams like crazy, getting daily sales + blowing up her business.

The women who are now clearer on what their partners are focusing on- and have those soul-opening late night conversations that lead to expanded understanding + even greater love.

The women starting new lives who now trust themselves to flourish, eagerly awaiting all the wonderful new opportunities coming their way.

Because you have the power all along. Divination + magick help you know it.

“You are amazing!!!  I cannot believe those cards. Every time you read for me, it’s like you are telling my story.”

tarot client